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Timothy Bausack

It is getting dark so early that there isn't time to paint after work. I still have several things left to do:

  1. The portico, columns, and capitals only have one coat of paint.
  2. There are still 4 windows that need the glazing to be painted.
  3. I also have one window partially removed that I may end up putting back in for the winter.
  4. I have some flexible trim on order to replace the old trim that was cut to match the radius of the portico.
  5. I need to get the storm windows fixed up and painted before we get into the heart of heating season.

Plot twist! This weekend we got about 9" of snow and our high was below freezing today. So much for outdoor work. I love snow. I love winter. I have never seen a snowfall like this in November with leaves still attached to some trees! 

If we can get some sustained temperatures in the 40s or 50s in the next couple weeks that will help get some things crossed off that list.