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Early November Update

Timothy Bausack

Things have been quite busy here the last few weeks. I had been trying to get the windows fixed up and the trim painted before winter but it is turning into a losing battle considering marching band, earlier sunsets, the end of daylight savings time, and temperatures below 50 (can't prime) and 35 (can't paint).

Extratropical cyclone Nuri is currently in the Bering Sea and "bombing out." The central pressure was 927 mb as of 7pm EST with sustained winds of 80 mph, average significant wave heights of 43 feet, and peak waves probably approaching 100 feet. The storm is stronger than ET Cyclone Sandy and the famed "perfect storm." But what does that matter for the house? Through some complicated weather cause-and-effect, it is going to put us on the cold air side of the jet stream. Forecast highs for part of next week are in the lower 30s. Can't paint or prime in that.

Really I just want to get the front done before winter. I can do the porch inside of a tarp. The most visible parts will be set then.

So far I've only broken 2 panes of wavy glass out of a total of the 86 panes I have scraped. That's a breakage rate of 2.33%. I would like it to be lower. One flat pane of a storm window broke when a brace from the scaffolding went through it. All glass breakage has been due to impatience.

One thing that I have learned by working on the house is that if you are doing the peepee dance while trying to finish something, it is best just to go in and go. Then you will be less likely to rush or try to cut corners (or break glass).

There was some previously broken glass that reared its ugly head when I was trying to paint a window frame. It gouged out a chunk of my hand down to the tendon (I think that's what the translucent white thing at the bottom of the hole was at least).

Things have (finally) wrapped up from the summer demolition. The electrician was in yesterday to make a couple wiring repairs and to hang some lights in the basement. Now I can start moving things down to the basement and get them out of the butler pantry and kitchen where they have been stored for the last 3 months.

We were both mystified as to why the sun room lights still don't work. After doing some detective work last night, I have a hunch on where the problem may lie but I can't find the end of the (formerly connected) wire. That will be a good after dark project and I will get some hands-on experience with electricity to boot.

I looked into steam pipe insulation as my basement gets quite warm when the boiler is running. When the original asbestos fibercell insulation was removed, no one ever thought to re-insulate the steam pipes. I did some research and some math and calculated that I could reduce my energy bill by about 90% and recoup the investment in insulation in about 3 months of heating. I have 6 boxes of 1-1/2" thickness fiberglass pipe insulation due to be delivered sometime on Monday.