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Ballers in 1928

Timothy Bausack

My 1923-built house has a new NBA star it will root for. Mr. Robin Lopez, self-described "Screech" of the NBA, answered a player questionnaire and posted it on twitter as if he was living in 1928.

I particularly like the Wall Street Forever hash tag because on October 23 of 1928 the Dow Jones Average had a 26.5% year-to-date return and was well on its way to a 48.2% return for the year. Robin clearly knows his 1920s history and the mood at the time. Look what this bird had to say!

I was made aware of this through Rodger Sherman's article on SB Nation in which he says, "If I was tasked with going old-timey, I would've just thrown in some references to telegraphs and typewriters and called it a day. Robin, though, nails it TO THE YEAR. "Stardust" and "Black and Tan Fantasy" were both released in 1927, and "Steamboat Bill, Jr." is from 1928."

Rodger notes that "Root-marm" is the mush Jebediah Springfield founded the town of Springfield on in The Simpsons and that Robin is on The Simpsons.

Flint had a bit of a hand in this #WallStreetForever feeling too. Its claim to fame, the General Motors Corporation, was one of the 20 (and later that October one of the 30) companies that the Dow Jones Average tracked in 1928. In the annual report, GM President Alfred P. Sloan, Jr. claimed, "...that by far 1928 was the most successful year that the corporation has yet enjoyed." The following table, using figures from the report, bears this out (Sloan noted that only about half of the company's profits were due to vehicle sales):

Year Net Earnings
Vehicle Sales
1925 $116,016,277 827,056
1926 $186,231,182 1,215,826
1927 $235,104,826 1,554,577
1928 $276,468,108 1,842,443
 1928 Buick. I wonder if this is the kind of sedan that Robin shows up to the Trail Blazers' games in?

1928 Buick. I wonder if this is the kind of sedan that Robin shows up to the Trail Blazers' games in?