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My 1 bedroom apartment's rent was poised to rise in the summer of 2013. With my rental rate approaching the cost of a mortgage, I started searching for an old home to call my own after realizing I wasn't likely to move away for a while.  I have always had a fascination with old stories and old things--including old houses. I began searching for a place with unique character, charm, and craftsmanship. I was looking for some elegant piece of built history that helped tell the story of its surroundings. 3 months and 3 big disappointments later, I stumbled upon a 1923 Colonial Revival that fit the bill and decided to put an offer on it. The rest is history.

House Blogs

Chateau de Gudanes - The Australian Waters family was looking for a French vacation home. They ended up with a beautiful home in the mountains for sure - A 17th Century French Class 1 Historical Monument in horrible disrepair!

An Old-Fashioned World - Rue lives in a 1930s storybook style cottage in the mountains. She loves everything old and has great design sense.

Elba Farmhouse - As far as I know, this is the closest house to mine that has its own blog. It is just on the other side of the Genesee Co. line in Lapeer Co.

Old Town Home - A blog about the restoration of an 1880s Row House in Alexandria, VA. Alex and Wendy do their research and have great tutorials!

Other Blogs

Flint Expats - Billed as "a blog for the long-lost residents of the Vehicle City" and maintained by San Francisco lecturer and author Gordon Young, it is actually a blog for all things Flint past, present, and future and for all Flintites near and far.

All Things Buick - Gerry Godin started his site as a retrieval point for his historical research. "It grew out of control rather quickly" and has become a more general internet repository of photos and stories about Flint's past.

This Victorian Life - Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman are a married couple engaged in a long-term experiential study of culture and technologies of the late nineteenth-century.